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Evangelist, Speaker & Author

Linnea Hutt was born in Jackson Michigan in 1963. She had two sisters growing up in a small middle class suburban town. She loved her family and was defined by her family as a, “Daddy’s girl”.
In August 2002, Linnea married her husband Adrian Hutt, and together they have a blended family with a total of four children and one granddaughter.

Linnea experienced the pain of grief in May of 2007 when her sister took her life after two other failed attempts. The third and final attempt was devastating to everyone she left behind. Linnea had to pick-up the pieces of her life that grief left her with and learn how to live again without feeling the pain of rejection, fear, regrets, and even anger!

Linnea answered the call to Evangelize the Gospel of Jesus Christ in 2001, she decided to seek the call further and increase her spiritual wisdom and knowledge to grow deeper in her calling. In September 2020, Linnea was ordained into the Five-Fold Ministry as an Evangelist and received her credential and certification by Colorado Christian vocal school in, Aurora CO.

Linnea’s calling and passion is to see women, and their families from all diverse walks of life find authentic peace, joy, and love to live a fulfilled life. She understands this requires being able to forgive others by dealing with our own self-anger, pain, grief, and emotional trauma.

Due to her own personal journey, and not wanting to forgive others, in the fall of 2014 God asked her to “Consider Herself”. This experience with God took Linnea down a path of personal reflection to ultimately seek out her own healing and deliverance to forgive those that hurt her.

Today Linnea can share her story and identify with the pain that others experience due to grief, depression, and sorrow which can result in mental instability. However, she understands she is now an OVERCOMER through the blood of Jesus Christ.

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