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Pastor, Poet & Speaker

Langston K. Jacobs is a graduate of Denver’s George Washington H.S. He graduated from Wilberforce University (OH) with a BA in Political Science and later learned a MA in Christian Studies Pastoral Counseling from Liberty University (VA).

As the senior pastor of Greater Legacy Christian Fellowship; his heart is for people to be restored from trauma and tragedy to receive God’s legacy. He is an advocate for those who are under-privileged. His community experience includes, Pastoral Care, Chaplaincy, a Special Needs Educator, as well as a Family, and children's Human Services Liaison.

Langston is happily married to the beautiful Shainika. They take immense joy in collaborating in business, ministry and parenting. They are the proud parents of four boys; Elijah, Josiah, Seth and baby Adam who passed away. In 2018, Langston lost his mother, his son, a spiritual niece and his pet dog of 17 years. The compound grief and trauma has unveiled his heart to draw and write about his journey of grief and loss of which he is authoring a book to be released in 2021.

Together, Langston and his wife, Shay founded Adam's Purpose (in the namesake of their deceased son). Adam's Purpose is community-centered non-profit missioned to raise grief awareness, provide grief education and support services to those grieving.


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