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Legislative and Community Director

Debbie Stafford completed her fourth and final term (due to term limits) as a Colorado State Representative serving House District 40 in 2009. Rep. Stafford has worked as a domestic violence counselor part time for the past twenty nine years. As an ordained pastor, she has served on the pastoral staffs of two large churches in Denver, CO. Debbie has been with the Aurora Mental Health Center for over 16 years. She is currently their Legislative & Community Director and Program Manager for the FEMA Community Crisis Program Grant for COVID Mental Health Support.

Debbie is a nationally trained Mental Health First Aid Instructor. She is certified to train Adults, First Responders including Fire, EMS, Law Enforcement, Military and Youth Leaders in Mental Health First Aid. She was awarded “Mental Health First Aid Instructor of the Year” in Colorado, four years ago after she came along side an Aurora First Responder and CCA instructor, who lost memory after a stroke. She taught with him at the Community College of Aurora for nearly a year until he regained enough memory to teach on his own. As an Auctioneer, Debbie has raised millions of dollars for many of Colorado’s Charities.

She co-authored the manual, “Shattered Dreams, a Biblical Outlook on Domestic Violence”. She also assisted in the writing of “The Welfare of My Neighbor” through the Rocky Mountain Research Council in Washington, D.C. and has recently co-authored, “A Journey Through Emotional Abuse, From Bondage to Freedom”.

Debbie continues her Pastoral care by officiating funerals for a local funeral home. She is also a political commentator for KPOF Radio and a motivational speaker.


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