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Drill Sargeant of Life, Speaker & Author

Beatrice Bruno is the author of six published books, a motivational/inspirational speaker, a US Army Veteran, and former (but always and forever) Drill Sergeant. But, she doesn’t stop there…
• Ghostwriter
• Editor
• Mother of 4 adults; grandmother of 5; great grandmother of one
• Mentor
• Counselor
• Widow…
God has allowed Beatrice to see and experience much in her short 62 years. But she declares that the BEST is yet to come because God promised.
In this new season of her life, Beatrice is intent on helping others walk the path of grief so they can move forward in what God has called and created them to do in these seasons of their lives.
Beatrice is a friend to the friendless but is not afraid to do pushups with you to get your rear in gear. This is Beatrice Bruno, The Drill Sergeant of Life, 2.0 – The Griefologist, Baby!


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