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Lisa Sullivan

Board Member

Lisa brings more than 14 years of experience in corporate and nonprofit sectors, focused on community engagement and relations, philanthropy, and leadership. She was integral to the building of one of the few foundations focused in the aging space, NextFifty Initiative. As a program officer, she is most proud of being an integral partner in building a $2.5 million covid relief fund for nonprofits serving older adults and starting the first young professionals program focused on supporting aging initiatives. In addition to consulting, Lisa serves the Denver community as a member of the CreativeIdeas Fund Council supporting projects created by and for those experiencing developmental disabilities and advocating for breast health via Komen


Lisa is the founder of LS Ventures, a strategy and consulting firm, established to empower organizations, companies, and individuals to challenge the status quo and grow. Taking a person-centered and relationships-first approach through her consulting practice, Lisa aims to facilitate equitable investment of philanthropic resources in marginalized communities who, because of systemic oppression, experience barriers in access to resources and

opportunities. She does this by serving as a connector and bridge-builder between philanthropic organizations and community-based nonprofit organizations, with a goal of strengthening relationships built on transparency, trust, sharing power and a mutual commitment to belonging and opportunities to thrive. Lisa also draws on her experience supporting nonprofit organizations through volunteer and community-focused endeavors. Lisa holds a bachelor's degree in communications with a speech emphasis from Colorado State University.

Lisa Sullivan
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